Congresos CUD


  • Preliminary minicourses

    These preliminary courses will be take place on the afternoon of August 31, in the classroom 8, Faculty of Science (Math Building) of the University of Zaragoza (C/ Pedro Cerbuna, 12) at 15:30. Each course will last for two hours.

    The program of this preliminary activity is:

    • Daniel Peralta. "An introduction to some geometric aspects of the Euler equations"

    • Valter Moretti. "Advanced Quantum Mechanics".

    If you are interested in attending the preliminary minicourses, please sign up at this link.

  • Book of abstracts

    Download the Book of Abstracts.

  • Bus from Zaragoza to Centro Universitario de la Defensa

    During the workshop itself (September 1-4), there will be a free bus from Zaragoza to the Centro Universitario de la Defensa (CUD). The bus stop will be at the street “Echegary y Caballero”, just behind the “Basílica del Pilar”.

    The bus will pick up participants at the following times and places:

    September 1st: Zaragoza at 8:00. CUD at 18:20

    September 2nd: Zaragoza at 8:15. CUD at 18:50

    September 3rd: Zaragoza at 8:15. CUD at 18:20

    September 4th: Zaragoza at 8:15. CUD at 14:15


30 SEP
La Noche de los Investigadores Zaragoza 2016
14 SEP
Apertura del curso 2016-2017 en la Academia General Militar y el Centro Universitario de la Defensa
12 SEP
Inicio del Curso Avanzado de Ciberdefensa

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