María Isabel Fonts Amador


Current Position:

Professor of Environmental Engineering and Chemistry

Centro Universitario de la Defensa

Academia General Militar

Ctra. de Huesca s/n, 50090 Zaragoza, Spain

Phone: +34 976739832 / +34 976739500 ext. 6932



Past Positions:

PhD internship in Laboratory for Research in Combustion Technology, CSIC. September 2004- August 2005.

PhD internship in Thermochemical Processes Group, Universidad de Zaragoza. September 2005- December 2009.

Junior Research Scientist in Thermochemical Processes Group, Universidad de Zaragoza. January 2010 – August 2011.



  • Chemical Engineer for the Universidad de Zaragoza, 2004.


  • Master in Renewable Energies by CIRCE-Universidad de Zaragoza (380 hours), 2004.

  • PhD Thesis in Chemical and Environmental Engineering of the Universidad de Zaragoza, 2010.

    Mark: Summa Cum Laude.

    PhD with European Mention.

    PhD Extraordinary Award of the Universidad de Zaragoza course 2009/2010.


    Research interest:

    Energetic valorization of Biomass and Wastes:


  • Pyrolysis of biomass and waste for bio-oil production. Bio-oil characterization. Production of high-value added products.


  • Black liquor gasification.


  • Biomass incineration.


  • Solid bio-fuel production.


  • Production, characterization, property improvement and production simulation of bio-diesel from animal and vegetal fats.



    Scientific publications and PhD Thesis supervised:

    18 scientific articles including 2 reviews  published in international indexed journals.

    1 book about environmental technologies.

    24 book chapters or contributions to Conference proceedings.

    3 oral presentations in International Conferences.

    22 conference contributions as poster.

    1 PhD Thesis supervised, marked as Summa Cum Laude.


    Participation in Research Projects

    Participation in 8 Research Projects funded by national and international public institutions.

    Participation in 2 Research Project related with companies.


    30 SEP
    La Noche de los Investigadores Zaragoza 2016
    14 SEP
    Apertura del curso 2016-2017 en la Academia General Militar y el Centro Universitario de la Defensa
    12 SEP
    Inicio del Curso Avanzado de Ciberdefensa

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